Free Fileserve Premium Account


         Welcome, if you were looking for fileserve premium accounts or ways to download from fileserve without any limitations, then you have come to the right place. Look no further! Here, i will share with you guys all the ways through which you can get yourself a fileserve premium account.

Premium account features:
Maximum download speedsDownload directly without waiting time and adsUnlimited parallel downloads
Support for download acceleratorsUnlimited personal storageForever storage time of your files
Resume aborted downloadsUpload up to 2GB sized filesNo daily limit on downloads

         Here are various method's through which you can fileserve premium accounts. Look through all of them and decide for yourself which one suits you the best!

Method 1:

Buy your own premium account for free!
This method is one of the most easiest ways to get a premium account. It tells you how to buy an premium account from legally. And the best part of it is - its totally free!

Method 2:

Complete few surveys and get a premium account
Here is a great site which offers premium accounts of your choice for completing few surveys, all of which are free and require very little time to complete!

Method 3:

Complete surveys and earn money
You must have seen it in T.V. and newspapers, that by completing surveys you can earn money. Well, thats true. Here are few sites which give you money for completing surveys.

Method 4:

Fileserve premium account in files
Sometimes people share files claiming that they contain premium accounts. If you think that they do contain premium accounts, look here!

Method 5:

Softwares that help in downloading from fileserve
There are lots of softwares that are created by programmers who are sick of the limitations of fileserve and want to help themselves and others bypass these limitations. Here are few softwares which work!

Method 6:

Premium link generators
You can generate premium links for your normal fileserve download links and download just like a premium member with all the benefits. Just copy/paste the link of the file you want to download and click generate.

Method 7:

Rapidleech servers
These are just like the premium link generators, they transfer the file you request for to their server and let you download the file from their server which has no limitations and offers all the premium benefits!

Method 8:

Upload files
You can upload files to fileserve and share them to get a premium account directly from! Here is how you can do it.

Method 9:

Other ways to earn money
You can buy a premium account directly from if you have the money. So here are more ways to earn money off the internet.